The Pluak Daeng Development and Service Center under the Royal initiative, Rayong Province


The area of Rayong – Chon Buri province is a forest that has been destroyed. The majority of the people are agricultural professionals who experience the problem of a slump in production and have low incomes. This is because the lack of soil fertility and water resources. Also, the influence of the capitalists will increase the ownership of land which may affect the stability of the nation. Therefore, His Majesty the King (Rama IX) had initiated the establishment of a center to be a hub for agriculture and special arts and crafts. The center is located near Dok Krai Reservoir, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, which has an area of approximately 1,300 rai. Moreover, the working group on royal development projects proceeded to adjust the water distribution system and to adjust the mentioned area. His Majesty King Rama IX bestowed his assets as working capital for 3 million Baht. His Majesty dedicated horse stables, pig stables and sheep stables, which were built in the development center. It has been operating since 1980 under the name “the Pluak Daeng Development and Service Center by the Royal initiative order, at Rayong- Chon Buri Province” the 21st Infantry Regiment, King’s (Royal) Guard (Queen’s Guard) known as the Nawaminthrachini camp, Chon Buri Province is the main coordinator,the departments under the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operations, and departments from  relevant ministries came into action with the ongoing budgets to support. In  2001, the 21st  Infantry Regiment withdrew for other missions and an organization was assigned to the project area to rotate it into a project coordinator. The past operations were presented to the King every/each year continuously. The year 2011, the center has been established and named “Pluak Daeng Development and Service Center under the Royal initiative, Rayong Province”. This is a branch of Khao Hin Son Development Study Center due to the Royal initiative of Chachoengsao Province until now.

Location : Moo 6, Road 3191, Maenam Khoo Subdistrict, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province 21140
Opening days and hour :
Monday – Friday 08.30 – 16.30 hours
Travel Information : - Take the motorway line (Route No. 7) heading to Rayong province.
- Turn left to enter road no. 36 (Bypass Road Pattaya - Rayong).
- Go straight to the intersection with 3191 Rayong Highway
- Turn left to the Pluak Daeng Development and Service Center under the Royal initiative.
contact phone number :
0-3802-7913, 0-3802-7915 Public relations
Website :