Nam Rin Beach


Nam Rin Beach is located in Ban Chang Subdistrict, Ban Chang District in Rayong. It is the famous tourist attraction among locals and tourists. There are several seafood restaurants and Isan restaurants. The beach of Nam Rin is a long one. At the end of the beach, there are sculptures of five sea cows sitting on a rock and also there are resting areas for tourists. The symbol of the beach is 5 marble sea cows sculptured on the rock. The front part of the beach is high. The shoreline is a slop. Water continues running from underground all year long. The beach is white with fine sands and natural rocks. The scenery is eye-catching. The seawater is clear, which is suitable for swimming. Tourists can see corals on the beach. The atmosphere is tranquil, which makes it suitable for relaxing. There are pine trees and coconut trees shading along the beach. There are also resting areas for visitors along the beach. The seats are set in Japanese style. Moreover, there are accommodations for tourists who would like to visit the beach.

Location : Ban Chang, Ban Chang, Rayong 21130
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 06.00 a.m. and 06.00 p.m.
Travel Information : - Use Sukhumvit Rd. (Thailand route 3) from Bangkok to Ban Chang Subdistrict
- Notice the overpass on the left to Ban Chang Subdistrict
- Make a U-turn under the bridge
- Use the road to the beach on the left and drive for 5 Phala beach
- Turn right to Phala beach and Nam Rin beach
contact phone number :
038-695233-5 Ban Chang Sub district Municipality
Website :