Suan Yai Da Pa Bunchuen


Suan-Yaida-Jae-Bunchuen, Rayong province received the 11th Thai Tourism Industry Award. It received an outstanding award in tourist attraction category, visit the integrated fruit orchard. Taste the quality Zalacca in Sumalee , which is  sweet, fragrant, and delicious to eat throughout the year. For other fruits, the activities will change according to the season such as during the durian, rambutan and mangosteen fruit buffet is available and unlimited eating. The mixed fruit plantation is mainly durian and rambutan. This buffet is open for tourists to visit the orchard, both eating and lying down all day. Moreover, there are papaya salad buffets to serve visitors as well.

Each year, the gardens will not be opened during the same period.  It depends on the fruit product. The garden mostly opens around May 1st until about the beginning of July or until the fruit runs out. The benefit of visiting here is that the garden will have a fruit basket for visitors to pick up the fruit from the basket and taste it.

Location : 30 Moo 3, Taphong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Rayong Province
Opening days and hour :
Daily 08.00 – 17.00
Travel Information : - Take the motorway (route No. 7) heading to Rayong province.
- Turn left to enter Road 36. The travel for about 60 kilometers, and turn left to enter Route 3. It takes approximately 15 kilometers, and then you turn into Ror Yor 012 road.
- It takes about 5.3 kilometers, you will reach Suan Yai Da Pa Bunchuen
contact phone number :
038-664369 089-0991297 089-0431330 Yai Da and Pa Bunchuen
Website :