Rayong Botanical Garden


The Botanical Gardens Organization has realized the significance of plants preservation in different regions of the country and has determined to establish a regional botanical center for each region. Located in the East coast of Thailand, Rayong province has worked collaboratively with regional organizations when exploring Samnangyai Swamp (Jamrung swamp), Chak Phong Subdistrict, Klaeng District, Rayong Province. The swamp is 3,800 square meters. The exploring was successful. Rayong province and local people agreed that the organization would be responsible for establishing the Botanical Garden of the Eastern Part of Thailand in 2002. The aim of establishing such a garden was to develop a natural learning center for educating local people as well as visitors about the conversation of wetland resources and native plants. With this aim, plant resources will be conserved and sustainably used. Later, the local leader and people agreed that they would like to protect this huge wetland as the natural heritage of Rayong province. Moreover, the wetland has become national heritage according to the cabinet announcement on 3 November,2009. The announcement had a clear conservation/ protection regulation for national wetland.

Location : Rayong Botanical Garden, the national wetland at Samnangyai Swamp, is located at Moo 2, Chak Phong, Klaeng, Rayong, 21190.
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 08:30-16:30
Travel Information : - Use route 344 and turn right to Sukhumvit Rd. (Thailand route 3) and drive for 15 km.
- Turn left to Tesaban Sunthon Phu and drive for 6 km.
- When you see Wat Phong Sawai, turn right to Route 3145 and drive for 550 meters
- Turn right to Nai Sak Village and drive for 800 meters
- Turn right and drive for 210 meters
- Turn left and drive for 110 meters
contact phone number :
0 3863 8880-1
Website : http://www.qsbg.org/2015_qsbg_rayong