Tum-Tuu Garden


Tum-Tuu Garden is a fruit garden where several kinds of fruits (e.g., rambutan, mangosteen, Wollongong, rambi, sala, etc.) are planted together. There is a 100 year durian tree preserved in the garden. The garden is located on 7 Klaeng, Muang, in Rayong. The owners (Khun Tum and Tuu) started gardening in 1990. Father-in-law of Khun Tuu bought this 55 km2 to grow durian trees. As the durian market was fluctuated, they grew rubber trees. When the price of rubber declined, they turned to durian plantation again. However, there are still problems in relation to middlemen. In the end, they decided to continue their garden for Agro-tourism.

Location : Klaeng, Muang, Rayong, 21100
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 09:00-17:00
Travel Information : - Use Motorway No.7 to Rayong Province
- Turn left to route 36 and drive for 60 km.
- Turn right to route 3 and drive for 15 km.
- Turn right to route ror yor 1012 and drive for 5.3 km. to Tum-Tuu Garden
contact phone number :
091 407 2049 Khun Tum and Tuu
Website : www.facebook.com/สวนคุณตุ้ม-คุณตู่-263856064023752