Noen Kho Community Fishery Learning Center


In the past, the villagers had been engaged in fishing and also farming. In 1997, the villagers of Noen Kho encountered with problems from capitalists who were entering into shrimp farming. These caused spoil water and salty soil. When the villagers turned to do full-scale fishery, there were commercial fishing boats which entered in the area to catch fish. This made the villagers lost their tools, floating nets, the big boat came and dragged it all out. The aquatic animals were reduced at that time. This caused fishermen to encounter problems. From the above problems, Mr. Samoi Rattanwichit, the president of Noen Kho Sub-District Fishery group gathered the villagers to come up and talk about the problems. This was to find ways to manage resources in the area of his community. Therefore, a fishery group was established to talk about the solution in the community on the 14th at one o’clock of every month since 2002. But uncle Aoil said that if we talk only to the villagers, it would not be useful. Therefore, he invited the relevant government agencies to attend and listen to the problems each time. In 2006, Noen Kho Subdistrict Municipality had foreseen the importance of the group. Hence, it should be managed to make it concrete and clear. For that reason, it has established ” Noen Kho Local Fisheries Group, Marine and Coastal Resource Recovery Project ” since then.

Location : Address: 72, Moo 4, Noen Kho Sub-district, Klaeng District, Rayong Province 21110
Opening days and hour :
Daily 09:00 - 16:00 hours
Travel Information : - Take the motorway (Route No.7) heading to Rayong province for approximately 80 kilometers and turn left to enter Road 344.
- Go straight until you see Sukhumvit Road No. 3, and turn right for approximately 2.5 kilometers.
- Turn left to enter Soi Chum Saeng and turn right to enter Road 3164.
- Enter Road 3161 and then turn left to enter Road 3046.
- Take a right turn before reaching Noen Kho Temple.
- Drive along Road 4036, there you will see the Noen Kho Fishery Community Learning Center
contact phone number :
081-3839468 097-1079098 Mr. Samoi Rattanwichit, Chairman of Noen Kho Sub-District Fishery Group
Website :ศูนย์การเรียนรู้วิถีประมงชุมชนเนินฆ้อ-โดยคณะกรรมการ-327344480938405/