Community Based Tourism Enterprise of Krasae Bon


In the late Ayutthaya period, Myanmar had come to attack the Tak province. Mon people living in Sukhothai were able to escape the war and settle down in Krasae village and later on the name of the village had changed to the current Krasae Bon community. Community Based Tourism (CBT) is established for tourism by sustainable communities with tourism resources in diverse communities and well-equipped personnel, Krasae Bon abounds in natural canal.


Activities for tourists to take a boat to find Chinese water dragon or a giant chameleon.

Worship Luang Pho Chiang Rung, Wat Krasae Bon, an ancient community temple of the Ayutthaya period, approximately 400 years old, which is respected by the community.

Demonstration of rice milling. Pound rice with tools made from traditional wisdom of the local people. Tourists have tried cutting paper, making a bunch of Mahot and making candy.


Visit the mangosteen gardens, uncle Jarit Namnitsan, who is an outstanding farmer in the Krasae Bon district. Good quality mangosteen production plant certified by GAP. Aside from the mangosteen uncle Jarit’s garden also grows durian, rambutan, wollongong and sala.

Location : Tourism Promotion Club of Community Based Tourism Krasae Bon Community 99/1 Village No. 4, Krasae Bon Sub-district, Klaeng District, Rayong Province
Opening days and hour :
Travel Information : - Takethe motorway (Route No.7) heading to Rayong province about 80 kilometers, and then turn left to enter Road 344 Baan Bueng-Klaeng, Chonburi province.
- It takes about 75 kilometers, you will find the Krasae Sub-district Administrative Organization.
- From there, it takes approximately 500 meters away and youturn left.
- It is approximately a-1 kilometer drive, you will meet Krasae Bon Tourism Community Enterprise Coordination Center.
contact phone number :
092 797 3264 ,0817619284 President of Community Based Tourism Enterprise of Krasae Bon
Website :ชมรมส่งเสริมการท่องเที่ยวโดยชุมชนกระแสบน-179941776117428/post/?ref=page_internal