Lahan Rai temple


Lahan Rai temple is the temple where people usually come to pay respect to the statue of the former monk named Tim Isarigo, the famous monk. This temple was established in 1991. The first abbot of the temple was Abbot Sang Tao. However, this temple became famous when monk Tim Isarigo or Pra Kru Pawanapirat who lived with humbly and simple was the abbot. The monk was told to be one of the monks who had a strong psychic power in the eastern part of Thailand, so he had several followers. Moreover, statues and images of him can be found in the temple. The visitor should pay respect before going back home.

Location : Nong Lalok, Bankhai, Rayong, 21120
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 08.00-17.00
Travel Information : - Use Motorway No.7 to Rayong Province and drive for 80 km.
- Turn left to route 344 (Banbueng-Klaeng, Chonburi) and drive for 15 km.
- Turn right when you see Tesco Lotus, Banbueng branch, to route 3138
- Go straight to Baan Kai District and drive for 20 km.
- Turn to route 3574 and drive for 3 km. Lahan Rai temple is on your right.
contact phone number :
092 515 9699 PR