Tham Prathun temple


Tham Prathun temple was established in 1987. It is surrounded by 60 cm depth water. It is also surrounded by thick forests and wild fruits. In 1992, Monk Santi Santajitto found that this place was suitable for meditation, so he renovated this place. Later in 1993, he wandered around the cave, and found that wind continuously blew around the cliff that was near the cave. The monk also found that the suitable place for meditation is inside the cave. Therefore, the people who lived near the temple helped each other to dig inside the cave. The digging finished in 1996. The depth of the cave was 130 meters.
Tham Prathun temple is a Dhamma place for ordaining and it is located in a cave with cliffs and standing mountains. In the dry season, visitors can walk into the cave to see the beauty of nature. During the rainy season, it is special because the visitors are going to ride on the boat to enter the cave.

Location : Khao Noi, Khao Chamao, Rayong, 21210
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 08:00 a.m. and 05.00 p.m.
Travel Information : - Use Motorway No.7 to Rayong Province and drive for 80 km.
- Turn left to route 344 until you meet Chonburi Provincial Land Transport, Nong Yai branch
- Turn left to route 3245 and drive for 30 km.
- Turn right to route cho bor 4082 and drive for 27 km.
- Turn left to route ror yor 5002 and drive for 160 meters
- Turn right and drive for another 1.5 kilometers to Tham Prathun temple
contact phone number :
086 112 4214 Santi, the monk