Tung Prong Thong and Pak Nam Pra Sae


This land, Tung Prong Thong, used to be an agricultural and fishing land for people who were living in the villages of Sam Pho, Pak Nam, and Pra Sae. The land was recovered by Subdistrict Municipality of Pak Nam Kra Sae and villagers.The collaboration brought back balance to the largest mangrove forest in Rayong Province. The collaboration also led to the development of ecotourism and natural trails. By doing so, it has raised visitors’ awareness to realize the significance of the abundance of forestry in the coasts. Walking along the wooden bridge for 2 kms, the visitors can experience the abundance of mangrove forest with a variety kinds of plants (e.g., samae, black taboon, Lamphun, mangrove, and Prongdang). Tung Prong Thong is the highlight because it happens from yellow Prong trees rubbing. When the sun shines, the scenery is spectacular because it shows golden Prong trees among the green of mangrove trees.

Location : Tung Prong Thong Moo 7, Pak Nam Kra Sae Subdistrict, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, 21170
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 06:00-18:00
Travel Information : - Use Motorway No.7 to Rayong Province and drive for 80 km.
- Turn left to route 344 until you reach Sukhumvit Rd. (Thailand route 3)
- Turn left and drive for 9 km.
- Turn left when you reach Pra Sae intersection to route 3162
- Turn to route 4036 when you reach Pra Sae Police Station and drive for 500 meters
- Turn left to Subdistrict Municipality 5 to Tung Prong Thong
contact phone number :
0-3866-1720-1 Subdistrict Municipality of Pak Nam Pra Sae
Website : www.prasae.com