Pak Nam Prasae Community


Pak Nam Prasae community is an ancient community since the Ayutthaya period. The community is rich with natural resources and diverse in cultures. The population lives in the community are Thai and Chinese. The Prasae community area has both the waterfront and not next to the waterfront. Almost half of the population who live along the waterfront are fishing. While the people who settled in the area and are not adjacent to the waterfront, from the front of the Takian Ngam temple to the Khlong Poo field, work as rice farmers and gardeners. The main occupation is like the mango orchard. Fishery products are processed. This makes it an outstanding product of the community. The Prasae community is not only famous for fresh seafood and seafood products, but they also have many famous restaurants. On every year of the full moon day in November, which is a Loi Krathong festival in Pak Nam Praseae community. There will be an event to hold robes in the middle of the water which is an important tradition that is different from other areas. Since most villagers in the community are fishermen, who have to spend most of their lives on boats, the boat is therefore like a second home for them. The fishermen who want to make merit in the house (boat) for the prosperity, therefore, make merit in the boat, which is a tradition that has more than 100 years. But this tradition disappeared for a while until it has revived since 1997. There are 9 days 9 nights entertainment, including rowing, diving, swimming, sea boxing, boat competition, singing and music competition.

Location : Baan Samae Pho Community, Moo 7, Pak Nam Krasae Sub-district, Klaeng District, Rayong Province 21170
Opening days and hour :
Daily 06.00-18.00
Travel Information : - Pak Nam Prasae community is in the area of Tung Pro Thong, 67 kilometers away from Rayong town.
- Drive along the Sukhumvit line and go straight to Klaeng-Chanthaburi about 12 kilometers away from Klaeng junction.
- Turn right and follow signs for Pak Nam Prasae.
- There is a sign, through the curve of Wat Takian Ngam community school, indicating the entrance to Thung Prong Thong on the left (It is a small street (soi) beside Wat Takian Ngam).
- Then drive about 1.5 kilometers.
contact phone number :
08-5329-7384 Ms. Kanchana Buranachat
Website :