Baan Talay Noi Tourism Community


Baan Talay Noi Tourism Community received the 11th Thailand Tourism Awards. It received the outstanding award in tourist attraction category of Historical Village Tourism. The people in the community have applied the sufficiency economy philosophy as a royal initiative to improve the quality of life of people in the community for better living. Tourists can come to experience the lifestyle, traditions, culture, and local wisdom of Baan Talay Noi. There is a local vegetable menu like “Burweed” special dish, which is very rare to find, and this place is the only place in Thailand where you can find it. This is an OTOP product of the community. There is also an old chapel (viharn) older than 300 years. Inside the chapel (viharn) is the enshrined statue of the Waii Buddha Image. The simulation throne of King Taksin, the Great, when he had arrived to rest his army and watering pattern cabinet, of Rama IV.

Location : 4/1 Moo No. 6, Thang Kwan Subdistrict, Klaeng District, Rayong Province 21110
Opening days and hour :
Daily between 08:30-16:30
Travel Information : - Take the motorway (route No. 7) heading to Rayong province for approximately 80 kilometers.
- Turn left to enter road 344 to Baan Bueng-Klaeng, Chon Buri province.
- Then heading to Sukhumvit road No. 3 and turn right for about 240 meters.
- Turn left at the Sarn Nat temple intersection. Enter Sunthonwha Rd and then enter to Sutaratvohan Rd about 5.5 kilometers, you will see Baan Talay Noi community on the left.
contact phone number :
081-8649086 President of Baan Talay Noi Tourist Community
Website :