Summer Vacation

The northeast monsoon ends, about mid-February, and the hottest thing Around mid-May During this period, southeasterly winds and afternoon winds from the sea in the afternoon join with the wind. South east Therefore causing the wind to have more power Therefore, the Rayong coast in the period from February to the month April therefore has quite a strong wind wave in the afternoon and evening. Causing the temperature is not high Therefore the weather is not very hot.

Rainy Vacation

Around mid-May to mid-October Is when the southwest monsoon blows cover Covering Thailand Which brings moisture from the Andaman Sea blowing through the Gulf of Thailand into the eastern region Causing the air to become wet Rising and generally rainy

Winter Vacation

From mid October to mid February Which is the period of monsoon northeast And the high pressure area from China, which has cool and dry features will spread down. Thailand in this period This season, the temperatures in Rayong Province. Not very low like other regions because this area is at the end of the monsoon. northeast The cold does not decrease much. In addition, there is also a coastline, which makes Rayong province not very cold.