Things not to do When going to the beach


1 Do not step or stand on corals: Corals are creatures that take a long time to grow. It is a fragile animal. A small touch can cause coral reefs to die. Stepping or standing on a coral reef will not only break the coral, but it may also hurt the divers.
2 Do not drive or capture marine life: herd causes stress and fear. In addition, direct animal contact may transmit the disease to animals. Or causing coatings to prevent skin peeling, such as fish, mammals Other invertebrates Divers should not chase and try to get too close.
3 Not feeding fish: because the animal will only rely on food from tourists And causing animals to interact with humans more Which may harm both animals and humans themselves In addition, the remaining food scraps fall into the coral reef. Increasing the nutrients in the sea water Accelerate the growth of algae Which will compete for the area of ​​coral larvae And if fish change their behavior to eat from humans Will reduce the consumption of algae naturally Causing algae to increase.
4 Do not throw garbage into the sea: Marine waste causes many problems such as animals such as turtles, whales, or even fish-eating birds are Misunderstand that plastic is a food and eat it. Also, the toxins in contaminated waste If going into the sea and entering the food chain Will have adverse effects on humans, the final consumer In addition, the rubbish that has been washed ashore will also affect us and the condition of the beaches and living creatures on the beach