BanraiSailom restaurant


BanraiSailom is built and managed by couple, “Lang” and “Sai”
Start with Sai that likes service And have a dream since graduating from bachelor degree that she wants to open a restaurant Fortunately, after graduating, Sai had the opportunity to manage Mae La Plao Pao, Rayong. Instead of mother’s acquaintances From the end of the year 2007 through the year 2012, it is considered a beginning to learn by oneself, which is all new in the first 5 years, therefore focus on the service development. Management system and internal work. Personnel development by studying books and media in various media. Gather experience from real work, trial and error, being asked for opinions and listening to suggestions from family, people around and customers and then adapting to make development faster and more accurate. In the early years The restaurant’s management by Jeab (mother of Sai) as the number 1 consultant and assistant in various aspects of the restaurant work.
In late 2007, Sai got to know  Lang. At that time, working at SCG, a tool designer, dark instrumentation, instrumentation and control industry, She received the help of  Lang in various matters and married in 2010.
Later in the year 2012, the location of the same shop expired. Sai therefore needed to look for a new restaurant location With the problem of wanting to create a restaurant for families, simple, natural, after considering well, then decided to move to the mango garden of Si (Grandmother of Sai) in order to create a fully and sustainable place called “Ban Rai Sai Lom “Sai is named after the geographical feature of the place. With the wind blowing throughout the year And would like to convey to the family friendly There are many limitations to starting our business. Especially finance So we have to do it ourselves in many ways. Lang therefore has to quit his job and come to help build Baan Rai Lom in 2011.
Anyhow, there will be no Breeze Farm today. If not receiving good advice Honest feedback From friend and all around everyone Customer support Kindness from every team Encouragement from the family And most importantly, the greatest dedication from Lang Sandy’s own partner
Sai really thank everyone from the heart.

Location : BanraiSailom 115/1 Moo 1 Tambon Choeng Noen Mueang Rayong District Rayong province 21000
Opening days and hour : Open daily from 11.00 - 22.00 hrs.
contact phone number :
038 944 280
Website :