Banphe Festival


Inviting tourists to visit tourism promotion in Rayong “Ban Phe & Samed Island Annual Festival 19 th Beach Festival 19” between 6-10 December 62 at the pier of Ban Phe Subdistrict, Rayong Province. Watch free concerts from famous artists. And buy the most delicious fresh seafood. Mr. Phairat Arunweset Mayor of Ban Phe Subdistrict, Muang District, Rayong Province revealed that during 6 – 10 December 2019, Ban Phe Subdistrict Municipality Under the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has scheduled an event. “Ban Phe & Samed Island Annual Festival 19 th Beach Tour” at the pier and tourist service center of Ban Phe Subdistrict Municipality Mueang Rayong District, Rayong Province with the objective In order to stimulate the economy Develop and upgrade stores Fresh seafood restaurant Local food To be accepted by both Thai and foreign consumers Including encouraging people to participate in the conservation of natural resources both by land and by sea Aquatic animal stocking For the conservation of sustainable marine resources It is also the development and promotion of tourism products and services to have quality and standards. To increase competitiveness Create revenue and tourism image.

Location : In the area of Ban Phe Subdistrict Municipality, Phe Subdistrict, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong Province
Opening days and hour : Between 6-10 December 2019
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