Fruit Festival Rayong


Rayong province invites you to visit the fruit and good festival in Rayong province for the year 2019 to promote Production and distribution channels Selling fruit of Rayong during the fruit season As well as the distribution of various products in Rayong And to invite Tourists from all over the country come to see and taste the results. Quality wood of Rayong The event includes activities such as fruit contests, young contestants, gardeners, eating fruit competition, selling fruit from gardeners, selling local food, OTOP products from 8 districts, more than 120 shops and concerts from famous singers in Thailand throughout. The event, 5 – 9 June 2009 at Central Stadium, Rayong Province.

Location : In the area of Rayong Stadium, Rayong Province
Opening days and hour : 5-9 June 2019
contact phone number :